Established in 1997, Nash Properties was founded on the belief that everyone deserves a safe and warm place to live. Our fundamental purpose is to serve our community by providing homes and commercial spaces to the individuals living and working within these communities. We achieve this through the acquisition and thoughtful restoration of underutilized real estate. Our aim is to create a lasting positive impact on our clients and neighborhoods in the St. Louis metropolitan area. In the time since our founding, Nash Properties’ commitment to providing quality housing at affordable prices has allowed us to provide a place to live for thousands of St. Louisans.


We are a locally owned and operated small business and are therefore committed to our region and the people who reside here. Our professional management team understands that impeccable customer service is central to turning an apartment into a home or a commercial space into a family business. We strive to exceed the needs of every member of our St. Louis community. All of our work results in one critical outcome: safe, dependable, and affordable homes and businesses for families in St. Louis.

Our Property Management Team is here to serve you!

Terrence Golliday

Maintenance Supervisor

Eric Lopez

Business Operations

Charles Bailey

Property Manager